Thursday, April 23, 2015

Duel Scene From Macbeth (1905) DVD Review

This short film is only a minute long, and was originally part of something titled Fights Of Nations, showing different forms of combat. It is a single shot, and is one of the first Shakespearean films ever made. It was shot by G.W. “Billy” Bitzer.

It begins with Macbeth slaying Young Siward in Act V. Macduff immediately enters and duels with Macbeth. They speak, but there are no title cards included, so it’s unknown what they’re saying. At the end, Macduff is victorious, but does not cut off Macbeth’s head. Instead, after Macbeth has fallen, he puts his right foot on Macbeth’s chest and raises both arms up in triumph. Macbeth for a moment tries to lift Macduff’s foot off him, but then dies.

Time: 1 minute

This short was included as a bonus feature on the DVD for the 1922 version of Othello.

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