Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raped Bitch Wife by Donna Allen (book review)

Raped Bitch Wife is not a well written or very interesting book. This one basically moves from one sex scene to another, with very little in the way of character development or plot. Both husband and wife are cheating, but it's the wife, Claudine, that we follow - from an afternoon quickie with two teenage paperboys to an evening with a married couple. And the sex is basically the same in each encounter, with nothing out of the ordinary.

Then halfway through the book, she and another woman are raped. But, because of the type of book it is, Claudine enjoys it. And the rape changes nothing. Claudine goes right on with her promiscuous lifestyle, even having sex with her father-in-law.

Raped Bitch Wife contains words you won't find in other types of books. Words like "cuntflaps" and "cockbush" and "prickroot" and "cockknob." And the book raises the important question, "Do you know what it's like to be married to a man twice your age whose only interest is cutting into a diseased appendix?" (p. 69).

The best thing about this book is the ridiculous claim put forth by the publisher in the foreword, that Raped Bitch Wife is "a novel about one of the problems facing modern society and a reflection of our times." The publisher also states that the book is the story "of a woman struggling desperately for happiness, for some way to save her marriage and self-respect." Sure, sure. The best way to save your marriage is to have sex with your spouse's father.

Raped Bitch Wife was published in 1983.

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