Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shakespeare References in Buddy Babylon

Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography Of Buddy Cole, a work of fiction by Scott Thompson and Paul Bellini, has a few Shakespeare references. This is the first: “‘What business is it of yours?’ I replied, trying to sound like a Shakespearean sentry with attitude” (page 39). The second contains a similar, general reference, as well as a specific play reference: “I felt the pain that only Shakespearean characters must feel and for the first time ever, I thought about killing myself, but couldn’t find as asp” (page 145). The asp is of course a reference to Cleopatra’s death in Antony And Cleopatra. The final reference is to a specific play, in regards to superstition: “It’s sort of like how stage actors will only refer to Macbeth as ‘the Scottish play’” (page 204). The authors are making a joke about Scenes From A Mall, saying that actors in Los Angeles refuse to refer to the film by name and instead refer to it as “the Mall movie.”

By the way, this book also has a wonderful bit about how all celebrity Scientologists are closeted homosexuals – which all evidence seems to point to as true.

Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography Of Buddy Cole was published in 1998.

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