Monday, June 17, 2013

Shakespeare in the LA Weekly, June 2013

There is always more Shakespeare in the summer, and this summer not only do we have several stage performances to look forward to, but there is also Joss Whedon’s new film version of Much Ado About Nothing.

The June 7-13, 2013 issue of LA Weekly has a review of that film (page 51), as well as a review of a stage production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (page 44). The following are photos of those reviews:

Then, in the following week’s issue (June 14-20, 2013), there is a Hamlet reference. Oddly, it comes in a review of the new Superman film. Stephanie Zacharek writes, “Zod kills Jor-El – though, like Hamlet’s ghost, he gets several convenient reappearances” (page 53).

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