Saturday, November 4, 2017

Shakespeare References In Magazines: Cascade, Entertainment Weekly, Screen Actor, Westways

Maybe I should no longer be surprised by how often Shakespeare is mentioned in the books and magazines I read. Here are a few more references found in magazines.

In the Spring 2015 issue of Cascade, the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences magazine, there is a short article titled “Bard’s Work Is Oregon Bound.” The article is about how a copy of the First Folio will be at the University of Oregon, and also mentions that the university has copies of the Second and Fourth Folios, which I didn’t know when I was there.

In the November 30, 2001 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a section on new DVD releases, including a blurb about the James Earl Jones King Lear.

Entertainment Weekly
The Winter 2005 issue of Screen Actor, the Screen Actors Guild Magazine, contains an article on protecting minors online. The title of the article is “A Brave New World?” The title is, of course, a reference to Miranda’s line in The Temptest, “O brave new world,/That has such people in ‘t.”

Screen Actor
In the May 2017 issue of Westways (the southern California AAA magazine), there is a short interview with actor Jimmy Smits. When asked, “Is there any character you’ve always wanted to play?” Jimmy Smits begins his answer by saying, “I have a great appreciation for Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw and English literature” (p. 64).

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